multihead weigher
nebula/10 head/
Standard Range

These machines are fast, efficient and extremely reliable, they are also capable of working with a large range of products and product types and they have been designed to be extremely simple to setup and operate! These machines will also suit a wide range of products.

The Nebula 10 head multihead weigher is available as standard or with dimpled contact surfaces to help move damp or sticky products and will run reliably and accurately at up to 60 weighs per minute. Speeds are affected by target weight, inconsistent product feeding, product type and viscosity.

Technical Specification/

Weigh Range/ 10g-3kg

Max Speed/ 60wpm

No. Heads/ 10

Accuracy/ 0.2-1g

Weigh Volume/ 1.3L or 2.5L

Drive System/ Stepper Motor

Power Supply/ 220VAC, 50/60Hz, 1Kw

Dimensions (LxWxH)/ 1075 x 1050 x 1330mm

Summary/Overall the Nebula standard weigher is an accurate, affordable and reliable, quality weighing solution for small to large weighing operations.

Suitability/Suitable for a wide range of products including damp and sticky products.

Accuracy/High accuracy multihead weighing.

Speed/Up to 60* weighs per minute.

*Maximum speed is determined by target weight, product viscosity and quality of product feed.

Affordability/Affordable for short to long term weighing requirements including start up businesses and temporary contracts.

Simplicity, Ease of Use/Very simple machines to use and run. Require no previous knowledge of machines or operation experience.

Reliability & Quality/High quality, reliable machines will easily run for extended periods with no loss of quality or accuracy.

Required Labour/Can be run by one person providing an automated feed system is used.

Suitable Product Types/

  • Dry Products: Yes
  • Damp Products: Yes
  • Frozen Products: Yes
  • Sticky Products: Yes
  • Bulky / Large Piece Products: No
  • Cereals / Nuts: Yes
  • Confectionary: Yes
  • Fruits / Vegetables: Yes
  • Meat / Fish: Yes
  • Salads: No
  • Granules: No
  • Powders / Sands: No
  • Liquids: No
Multipak Nebula: Standard Multihead Weigher
Multipak Nebula: Standard Multihead Weigher Nebula Video

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Machine Details: Nebula Multihead Weigher

Standard Multihead Weigher

Standard Multihead Weigher
Model: Nebula
Max. Speed 60wpm
Heads 10
Ideal For: Small to large weighing requirements
Suitable For: Dry, damp, sticky products
Target Weight Range: 10g-3kg
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