Common Misconceptions 1: Bagging Machines don’t weigh product

Common Misconceptions: Bagging Machines don't weigh product

You might be interested to know, that one of the most common misconceptions that we deal with on a regular basis is that bagging machines don’t actually weigh or measure your product.

Bagging machines do exactly what they say, they bag things… Or to put that in a simpler phrase, they make bags.

There are many types of bagging machine, the standard and more common being the VFFS (vertical form fill seal) machine. Not only is this a bit of a mouthful, it’s also not that obvious what it means.

Let’s break it down word by word…

Vertical: Meaning that the machine works in a vertical manner. Product is inserted at the top and bags come out of the bottom. Unlike a flow wrapper which works on a horizontal plane across a conveyor, vertical machines utilise the power of gravity to get the product into the bags before they are sealed.

Form: Meaning that the machine “forms” the bag. These machines, like flow wrappers, use a roll of film, rather than pre-made bags that is pulled over a “forming set”, (commonly known as tube and shoulders) to manipulate the film into a bag shape. The machine uses heated sealing jaws and back seals to stick the top, bottom and back of the bag together to “form” the bag.

Fill: Meaning that the machine “fills” the bag. This may seem like a contradiction to this post, but the machine doesn’t weigh or measure any product, it doesn’t even control it going into the bag, it just doesn’t seal the top of the bag, until product is inside. The product feed is controlled by what ever machine is weighing, depositing, measuring or counting out the product and it must be timed to “drop” or deposit the measured product at the correct time to ensure it goes in the partially sealed bag.

Seal: Meaning that the machine seals the bag, thus closing it and ensuring the product remains inside. As noted above, this is done using heated sealing jaws that seals the top of the filled bag and the bottom of the next empty bag simultaneously.

So… the VFFS bagging machine forms the shape of the bag from a roll of film, receives product from a weighing, measuring or counting machine and then seals the filled bag in a vertical, gravity fed fashion.

Therefore, in order to automate your bagging process you will require both a weighing machine and a bagging machine.

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